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Still using spreadsheets?

As your business grows, eventually you will need more than just another spreadsheet. We have exactly what you need. Boost CRM is built to flexibly adapt to your business as you grow.

Workflows & Automation

Boost CRM can take your existing data and processes from spreadsheets, and immediately make them available to everyone in your organization.

Turn your existing spreadsheets into a custom modules by importing them with a click of a button.

Apply flexible workflows – users are notified when they need to take action, approvals are granted or required, an invoice is ready to send.

  1. Upload existing spreadsheets
  2. Data is available
  3. Shared workflow with your team

Sign documents electronically with approval workflows.

Sign documents and generate perfect PDFs, all the time.

Easy account and contacts management

All mobile and desktop friendly so you can be productive anywhere.

Feature Summary

  • Spreadsheet import
  • Customer & contacts management
  • Business card reader
  • Order management
  • Estimate & quote processing
  • Workflow & approvals
  • Task management
  • Notifications
  • Invoicing with digital signing
  • Fully theme-able and customizable to your exact needs.

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