The Secret Weapon for Facilities Management: How a Booking Portal Can Boost Your Business

Case Study: Cold Cut Pte Ltd (FloorballByRed) Streamlines Operations and Boosts Bookings with Custom Booking Portal

Client: Tony Tan, ColdCut Pte Ltd (FloorballByRed)
Industry: Sports Facility Operation (Floorball & Pickleball)
Challenge: Inefficient manual booking system led to double bookings, payment issues, and staff burden.
Solution: Development of a custom booking portal with automation, payment processing, and staff management features.
Results: Increased bookings, improved user experience, streamlined operations, and positive customer feedback.

From Manual Mayhem to Automated Efficiency:

Before partnering with us, FloorballByRed relied on a manual booking system, causing frustration for both staff and customers. Double bookings, payment confusion, and excessive time spent managing bookings plagued their operations. Tony Tan, Business Manager of FloorballByRed, knew it was time for a change to improve efficiency and increase bookings.

Building a Booking System that Scores:

Our team designed and developed a custom booking portal tailored to FloorballByRed’s specific needs, featuring:

  • Automated booking and scheduling: Eliminates double bookings and saves staff time by allowing customers to easily book courts online.
  • Secure payment processing: Seamless and secure online transactions through an integrated payment gateway.
  • Staff rostering: Efficiently manage staff schedules based on booked courts and customer needs.
  • Dynamic pricing: Maximize revenue by setting different rates for peak and off-peak hours.
  • Staff hour tracking: Monitor staff hours for accurate payroll and scheduling purposes.

Seeing the Positive Impact:

The implemented solutions yielded significant benefits for FloorballByRed:

  • Increased bookings: The transparency and ease of online booking facilitated a substantial increase in booked courts.
  • Improved user experience: Customers can now conveniently book courts, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat visits.
  • Streamlined operations: Automated processes eliminated time-consuming manual tasks and errors, freeing up staff for other valuable activities.
  • Positive customer feedback: FloorballByRed received excellent feedback from customers, praising the user-friendly booking system and website stability.

Project Management Excellence:

Beyond the technical solution, Tony Tan also highlighted the exceptional project management: “We were consistently updated throughout the process, and the team adhered strictly to the established timeline. They were responsive and addressed our needs promptly.”

Beyond the Scoreboard:

This case study demonstrates the power of custom-built solutions. By partnering with FloorballByRed, we helped them overcome operational hurdles and achieve their goals. Their success story showcases the potential for businesses in the sports facility industry to:

  • Boost bookings and revenue through automated booking and efficient operations.
  • Enhance customer experience with a user-friendly and secure booking system.
  • Streamline operations and free up staff time for improved service.

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